What is programming? Why should we learn it?

What is programming

Assalamu alaikum, welcome you from FriendsITpoint. In the meantime we have learned what is coding, if you don’t know about it, you can read our previous post. Today our lecture topic is “what is programming? Why do we learn it? How to learn it?” etc and so on.


What is programming?


Programming or Coding is a step-by-step instruction catalog that is given by computer, what you want to do. Actually, Programming or coding is a command that is given to a computer by you. To know more details please visit the link What is coding? what does coding mean?


What is a programming language?


A programming language is a set of detailed instructions and rules for instructing a computing device to perform some or a list of specific tasks. C programming is one of the most popular programming languages and it’s called the mother of programming language.


Why do we learn to program? 



Why Should We Learn Programming
Why Should We Learn Programming



Before discussing this matter, if  I want to know from you why do you read this article? 

There may be some reasons? Suppose,

  1. You are a simple person and you very eagerly want to know in this Technology era how to work technology.
  2. Maybe you are interested in technology.
  3. You think of technology as your career.
  4. Recently you have entered this way.
  5. Or You have doubts that by choosing this way, you have taken the right footstep.
  6. Or you are an experienced person and want to choose this far you have gone.

Before entering the programming field people are very enthusiastic about how to work programs. Or how does Google present our search subject in just a few seconds? Does GoogleMap truly work on this Earth’s any place to give us instructions?


There are some more reasons to learn programming,  given below:


1. Handsome salary and opportunity to work at more workplaces:

There is so much demand in this World. If you are good at coding then you have ample opportunities for work. You want to become a successful freelancer and you can continue your work freely. Or you can continue work as a worker of other Organizations. You can do work on your own project. Using your coding skill, you may think of your Start-up. A programmer knows how to analyze criticized thinking and circumstances. That other simple person cannot do, for this reason.


2. The salary is very attractive.


Here you may think of a job employee who works in Google for just a few hours and gets a very high salary. In Bangladesh, a programmer’s minimum salary is 50 thousand takas. Besides this, you have enough qualifications and may work at a different workplace.


3. Problems solve and Blooming rational skills:


Coding has compelled your brain to think very deeply to solve any problem. That is why your brain organized your thoughts and applied some logic and then supplied a solution. Again and Again, you face a new challenge, you need to use your intelligence. You have to create your personal rules and you have to follow a rational manner. So learning to program and doing this is an exercise that develops your capacity to solve problems and rational skills daily. You have faced many problems, and code helps you to find a good formula to solve these problems. So in this world, you may change to learn programming by changing your thoughts.

“In this world, everyone has to learn computer programmes because it helps you to know how to do work” Steve Jobs.


4. Develop your unique skills:


The knowledge of coding helps you in another way. Not only coding helps to develop technical skills but also helps other skills. When you do coding most of the time you work with a team. In that time you have to help other colleagues  You have to discuss their project. You need to contact your manager and do this work you have to have tolerance for. That will help your Professional life and personal life.


5. Technology governs the world:


There is no doubt technology is part and parcel of our daily life, for being this entertainment or communication rather than transport. In every sector, we never think to go forward to keep technology behind the screen. Thus leading life with technology is the decision. So happy coding life.


6. Empowerment and change lifestyle Experience:

Programming always throws you a new challenge where you have to take risks and it teaches you to take risks in different decisions in your life. When you create different software, Apps, or websites by yourself, it increases your confidence level and you seem to be stronger. When you are capable of solving any problem, that solution is not in the past. At that time you consider yourself a hero Manna. As herbal advertisements, we say some speeches of sir Stephen Hawking,

“If you want to disclose the secret matter of this Universe, or you will acquire a career in the 21st century, so learn basic computer programming ”


7. Anyone can do this:


Someone who has not a University degree, he or she can learn programming to learn don’t need to spend many years or you don’t need to thousand money behind this. Actually online and do it relax from your home besides doing the other work you may learn.

NB. if you learn for 1 Year, it will do best for you.


Conclusions about the programming

Programming is knowledge of problem-solving. Continuous programming practice can make you an expert in problem-solving in real life. This is important to learn in this digital world. You will get extra benefits if you gather the programming skills. Programming-hero is one of the best learning platforms to learn programming from the beginning. Link here

We are trying to present the programming easily, hope you understood. If this article helps you then you can share this article with your friends or share it on your social profile.

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